Episode 20

Books That Play With Time

Published on: 20th October, 2021

In this episode, Nicole and Gayle talk a little about their current reads, an exciting upcoming movie adaptation of a well-known romance novel mentioned in a previous episode. The main theme of this show is time travel or books that play with time, waste no more of it, and listen to this episode for amazing book recommendations on the topic.

If you can't see the links to the books below you can also find the latest episode's post here: www.nicolebonia.com/new-podcast-2021/

The Idea Of You | Robinne Lee | Amazon | Bookshop

The Other Black Girl | Zakiya Dalila Harris | Amazon | Bookshop

28 Summers | Elin Hildebrand | Amazon | Bookshop

The House on the Strand | Daphne Du Maurier | Amazon | Bookshop

News Of The World | Paulette Giles | Amazon | Bookshop

The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano | Donna Freitas | Amazon | Bookshop

Outlander | Diana Gabaldon | Amazon | Bookshop

Count the Ways | Joyce Maynard | Amazon | Bookshop

Some Luck | Jane Smiley | Amazon | Bookshop

Early Warning | Jane Smiley | Amazon | Bookshop

Golden Years | Jane Smiley | Amazon

Life After Life | Kate Atkinson | Amazon | Bookshop

One Day | David Nicholls | Amazon | Bookshop

Time Was | Ian McDonald | Amazon | Bookshop

Oona Out Of Order | Margarita Montimore | Amazon | Bookshop

Remembrance | Rita Woods | Amazon | Bookshop

The Age Of Miracles | Karen Thompson Walker | Amazon | Bookshop

Remembrance | Jude Deveraux | Amazon

The Post-Birthday World | Lionel Shriver | Amazon | Bookshop

Time of My Life | Allison Winn Scotch | Amazon | Bookshop

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